12 Ways to Get That Himalayan Glow (salt lamps, candleholders, diffusers)

Few things are as unique as the Himalayan glow from the natural stones found in the foothills of Pakistan, also known as Himalayan rock salt. The minerals which give it the renowned soft pink light have been marinating for centuries, just waiting to light up your room or provide the ambience you’re looking for. You should know that you have many options on how a Himalayan light can change your home design, and if you keep reading, I’ll show you those very options!

Before we begin, you should know that the main factor in buying a Himalayan light product is the type of lighting or bulb. This is because it is the bulb or flame that heats the pink salt, and allows it to release trapped water molecules back into the air, leaving any pesky particles left trapped on the surface of the rock salt. LED bulbs, for example, should never be used with Himalayan lights, as they would not be able to heat the rock up, so would be completely ineffective. Of course, depending on your preference, you could get brighter or whiter bulbs, and in this way, modify your particular Himalayan light. The size of the bulb may also affect how quickly it heats the rock, so depending on the form of your light, you want to ensure that it’s always effective.

Enough with the formalities, lets present your options!


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Of course, there is the classic, and the one that started the trend. What began with a simple insert of a bulb into Himalayan pink rock has taken on a life of its own. Despite its simplicity, there are many options within this category. Of course, the bulb you choose is just the first option. Then there are potential dimmer switches, which allow you to alter the level of the glow. There are also different sized Himalayan rock lamps, from small ones that light a small area, to very large ones that can light up a room as a centrepiece. Another thing to consider is whether you will get a wooden or steel base. Whatever you do get, you don’t have to worry about a potential fused bulb causing a fire, as long as you have an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. Remember, these are classics for a reason.

Himalayan lamp

Image by Maryam Zahra


Cut Shape Himalayan Lamps

If you are searching for a salt lamp to buy, you may come across many which have been cut into smooth cubes, spheres or moon shapes. Whilst these will make your light look nicer, you may have to compromise on the functionality. Himalayan salt lamps function by attracting particles to the surface. When these are craggy pieces of rock cut straight from the Himalayan salt range, the roughness of the surface creates a greater surface area for the pink salt to work with. This isn’t so true for those cut shape lamps, as the smoothness shaves this surface area down. If you are willing to compromise in this way, which many are, you can certainly opt for a more finished salt lamp look.


USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

Speaking of small Himalayan lamps, these ones are precious, and even portable. That they connect via USB means that wherever you take your laptop, you can take your Himalayan light. These laptop Himalayan salt lamps will allow your work surface to be lit with that lovely pink light, and cleanse the air around you wherever you are. It is particularly important to make sure the area around this small lamp is not so humid, as the moisture may affect a cord that is attached to your laptop or plug.


Himalayan Rock Bowls

Now, with Himalayan Rock Bowls, you have endless possibilities. These can be simple bowls for serving food to get all those benefits, or heated bowls that contain Himalayan salt rocks, and allow the salt to do its thing. These are usually quite sturdy and without accident, these bowls can last a lifetime, but the one thing you have to worry about is breaking them; if you do get these, just make sure they’re on a stable surface. Sometimes these come without a method of heating, and if they do, just be warned, you may have to wipe them down more often. If they come with lighting, they function just as well as Himalayan salt lamps do, and provide a novel way of lighting up a room. Serving food in your Himalayan bowl is a great centrepiece at a party; just make sure you don’t oversalt your food!


Open Himalayan Pink Salt

A simple way of presenting Himalayan salt is just as the salt itself. These are often placed in clear plastic or glass bowls near windows, allowing sunlight to help provide that Himalayan light. The size of the salt rock chunks is what make this product work. They function perfectly without needing lighting or heating, and are less expensive than others on this list. However, they likely won’t last as long as other products due to cleaning and sweating. They can come in bulk, however, so you can stock up for a whole season.


Himalayan Salt Candleholders

If you prefer to go completely natural in your home, it is no wonder why Himalayan salt products have struck your fancy. However, you can go more natural than the average salt lamp by lighting and heating it with a candle yourself. Himalayan candleholders work as perfectly as bulb lit products, best functioning when they are uncovered to allow the flame to reach the open air. These tend to evenly spread the heat across the candleholder, and thus allow the particles to attract. Occasionally, and particularly in humid environments, Himalayan pink salt can accumulate moisture which may dampen your candle, so you may have to wipe it down if you notice this interference.

Himalayan candleholder

Himalayan Ceiling Light

If you are looking for a Himalayan light on your ceiling, you are likely a heavy-duty Himalayan light fan. What you have to note is that this will also be a serious job, as these rocks can be very heavy. You will likely need a specifically installed infrastructure for any light you want covered. You can also get them in longer slabs, to cover any elongated fluorescent tube lamps. Of course, the effort will be worth it, as the whole room will be bathed in that Himalayan glow.


Himalayan Fairy Lights/Himalayan String Lights

If you want to bathe the room in a Himalayan light, but would prefer it in smaller portions, you can always get these lights. These often come in the form of miniature Himalayan salt lamps on their own miniature light, but can come in multiple manners. There are some that cover individual lights with a sort of marble form of Himalayan rock, and these can look amazing, and particularly unique during the holiday season when everyone has the same kind of string lights. They can be a little fiddly, and may leave the occasional salt deposit where they have been resting, however.


Himalayan Night Lights

Most useful for a dark corridor or a child’s bedroom, a Himalayan night light is perfect to provide a little glow in an otherwise dim area. Of course, by experimenting with the strength and type of bulb, you can modify the light so it can be perfect for your personal usage. Some come with dimmers, so you can slowly wean your child from a night light. The standard depth of light that comes with a Himalayan light product is perfect for this usage.


Himalayan Salt Wax Burner

These are usually Himalayan stones encasing a small tealight hole, with a gap above for a metal or glass bowl that sits pretty atop. That can then be used for water evaporation or fragrant wax melting. Be wary of some that incorporate the Himalayan salt into the bowl, as the salt can dissolve with the water and it can get stuck to the wax. Himalayan salt conducts heat well, and wax burners work best when they do so. This may mean you get more mileage out of your tealights. Solid rock is also less likely to crack than the average ceramic oil burner. If you are using your oil burner with essential oils and water, or just water itself, be warned, it will be a little tough on a Himalayan wax burner, as the water may just be pulled back into the salt. This may mean your wax burner will collect some of the moisture it is meant to be releasing.


Himalayan Diffuser

If you want a Himalayan diffuser, you should know they often come as a plastic container of water with a salt lamp balanced on top, with the water filtering through the salt. Whilst this may mean the diffused water picks up the minerals within the salt, the evaporated water itself will likely mean that the Himalayan salt will struggle; some water will be absorbed by the stone, leaving it to collect a lot of the water and likely leave salt deposits around. The lamp will have to be cleaned internally fairly often, and it will likely not last as long as you would hope.

overhead salt lamp

Image by Maryam Zahra


A Himalayan Wall of Stone

For the ultra-fans, for the ones who are serious about Himalayan rock, for the ones who want to set up a spa in their home, this is the option for you. Straight from the salt mines, you can get whole slabs of Himalayan salt rock and have them in your home, whether as a whole wall or a backboard. Even more so than with ceiling lamps, this is an enormous project and not for the faint of heart. These are usually constructed with careful consideration of the lighting in your home and the manner in which heat circulates, to allow the salt rock to function as best it can.


For the super fan and for the budding enthusiast, there are a lot of ways to get that renowned pink glow, just choose your option!