What Himalayan Salt is used for – from spa treatments to salt blocks

When local workers cut slabs of Himalayan salt from the salt mines of Pakistan, they don’t yet know what that slab will be used for. It is only after being transported elsewhere that that slab becomes what it will, anything from a salt block for cooking or a massage stone. If you’re wondering what Himalayan pink salt is used for, you’ve come to the right place.

Salt lamp

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Himalayan salt lamps and other light fixtures

Probably the most famed used of Himalayan salt are the Himalayan rock salt lamps. As these exploded in popularity the last few years, they led to a flood of other products, particularly light fixtures. This is likely because of the unique Himalayan glow, and the soft light in comparison to other lamps. There are many ways to feature this glow in your own home, and many ways to decorate with it. From Himalayan candle holders of all sizes, to stone bowls that light up, to hanging lamp fixtures; if you like the light, there is some way or another to have it featured prominently in your home.


Himalayan Salt Flavouring

The other most common way to use Himalayan rock salt is the salt itself, in place of standard salt. These are chipped directly from the slabs, and sold in that form; as these are often packaged with little preparation on the Himalayan salt directly, they are considered incredibly pure forms of salt. They also tend to have more minerals than your average table salt. As these are a direct way to get the benefits of Himalayan salt into your system quicker, there are many recipes which utilise this. There are also grinders you can buy, which allows you to grind it into any meal.  


Himalayan Spa Treatments

Almost as soon as health benefits became apparent, people began to use Himalayan pink salt in treatments. If you are seeking this kind of treatment, you should know that a Himalayan spa can mean lots of salt lamps, whole walls of Himalayan salt, all the way through to Himalayan dispensers. If there are whole walls of the stuff, it likely came direct from the salt mines in that form. This is considered salt therapy, also called halotherapy. This form of therapy, which means breathing salty air, is said to be particularly useful for those with respiratory health issues.  You can get this treatment at home, however it is very expensive, particularly if you are looking for a Himalayan sauna treatment. The most basic treatment they will offer is simply placing a salt block beneath your feet, and you can stand on it as a form of detox.


Himalayan Skin and Hair Care

There are many ways to apply Himalayan salt as part of skin and hair care, with some coming preprepared, and some made as home remedies. It is considered both healing and deodorising, as salt is a natural disinfectant. You can grind Himalayan salt as fine as you like, for various uses. Himalayan salt can be used as an exfoliator, leaving skin feeling smooth. It can be used as a mask, and mixed with olive oil for facial application. If you use it under your eyes, it can also be anti-inflammatory. Some say it is useful for skin tone evening, rather than retinol. If you use pink salt on your scalp, it can stimulate circulation and loosen any dandruff.


Himalayan Massage Stones

You can buy massage stones, usually cut into spheres, and use it in massages. These can be found in places offering Himalayan massages. You can also get a roller, or a home massage kit. This is said to be more beneficial than normal massages with the average massage stones, with increased relaxation properties and potential ions applied straight to the body. If you combine these Himalayan massage stones with oil before applying to the body, it is good for the skin, as seen above.


Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan salt blocks can be used for serving and for cooking. These can retain heat for a long while, but can also be used for cold foods when refrigerated for 2 hours. These can add nutrients to your meal, enhance flavour profiles, and combat and prevent the growth of bacteria. Of course, be careful not to add too much salt to your food beforehand, particularly if you are using the block for baking.

If you are using this during cooking, make sure it is completely dry beforehand, as moisture can lead to cracks. Heat it slowly, and as evenly as you can. You can preheat it on a grill or stovetop before placing it on the oven. Always cook it on the same side. Salt blocks can remain hot for a long time, so ensure you have enough heat resistant kitchenware. Don’t use fat, as butter and oils may diminish its lifespan.

When cleaning, allow your Himalayan block to cool, use a damp cloth and certainly do not use soap. Do not place your Himalayan salt product in water, as water will dissolve the salt. Do not scrub, but rub instead, as salt may chip off. Once it is fully dry, wrap the block in a towel and put it away, particularly if your atmosphere is humid.


Himalayan Tequila Shot Glasses

Skip a step in your usual shot routine, and get the salt straight. These unique shot glasses will be a certain feature of your bar, any parties you may have, and the pink salt makes them look wonderful. It will also take a long time for you to notice any diminishing size, because these are solid rock.

pink salt

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Himalayan Bath Salts

A Himalayan salt bath can treat your skin all over, and if you have cuts, bites or bruises, the bath can help. These contain more minerals than your average bath salt. Compared to Epson bath salts, Himalayan bath salts are thought to be better for you. As these can be dehydrating, it is important to moisturise after.


Pink Salt Water

Also known as sole water, or water saturated with salt, pink salt water is thought to have major health benefits. It has many minerals, a lot of electrolytes, and some say it helps with digestion and clear skin. When using, ensure all the Himalayan salt has dissolved, and combine it with lemon juice for a detoxifying mix.


Himalayan Salt Jewellery

Whether or not you subscribe to the health benefit theories of Himalayan salt, thanks to the colour of the pink salt, it certainly makes beautiful jewellery. If you do believe the various benefits, you will probably want the Himalayan rock to be loose and not enclosed, to allow the hygroscopic properties to function as they should.


Himalayan Salt Zen Garden

Where the average zen garden has a sand filling, these have a Himalayan salt filling. This means it has all the calming properties of a zen garden, with the additional benefits from Himalayan rock salt. You can get some zen gardens that heat up and some that light up, to also provide the hygroscopic properties, and the soothing Himalayan glow.


So, however you want to feature Himalayan salt in your home, in your cooking, or in your routine, you have many of the above options to enjoy.