Where to Place your Himalayan Salt Lamp (and other Interior Design tips)

Whether you have a salt lamp and want to know where it will look best, or you have an empty space in your home and want to furnish it with Himalayan pink salt, you’ve come to the right place. You may have noticed that salt lamps have been trending for the past few years, partially due to their range of striking colours, amongst other benefits. We can give you tips on what variety of Himalayan lamp will pair best with your home, and tips on how to optimise the placement of your salt lamp, if you keep on reading!


Which sized salt lamp is best?

Himalayan salt lamps come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature ones capable of hanging on string lights, to enormous centrepieces. If you are decorating a teenager’s room, for example, the former option may be the best way to incorporate that Himalayan glow. If you will be having lots of guests and want to feature that same glow centrally, an enormous piece of Himalayan rock is the answer. Essentially, this all depends on the level of light that you require, and can be adjusted according to your Himalayan light needs. So, figuring out how much of that Himalayan glow you require will be the first step in choosing the perfect sized salt lamp for your home.

himalayan glow

Image by Maryam Zahra


How much light will a pink salt lamp provide?

Of course, how much light a salt lamp provides depends on its size, but the average medium sized salt lamp that will often feature on a nightstand has a range of around 4 feet by 4 feet. As lamps gets smaller or larger, their area of effectiveness will decrease or increase in proportion to this. The particular area it lights does also depend on the wattage of the bulb, and can shift depending on how the Himalayan salt was cut; through the thinner parts of the salt rock, there will be a further projection of light. If you want to be more certain about the level of light you get, it is probably best to go for a larger salt lamp, with a dimmer. That way, you’ll be able to maximise light occasionally, but still adjust the Himalayan lighting to your particular preferences.


What shape of salt lamp is best?

The standard salt lamp is roughly cut from the Himalayan salt mines, meaning they have endless variety in true shape. This is probably best if you’re going for a natural look in your home. If, however, you want a pink salt shape with more finish, you have many options. From rose cuts to heart shaped salt lamps, through to bowls of rough-cut salt rock and pyramids of pink salt, whatever look you prefer is available to you. A pyramid salt lamp may look best in your office, for example.



Which colour of Himalayan salt lamp is best?

This is a question to be asked both of the lamp, and of the bulb. Some bulbs are yellower, whilst others are whiter. It is probably worth considering which of these options you would prefer in your salt lamp, and in your home. Some opt for coloured bulbs, but these are not as common in Himalayan salt lamps. For the lamp itself, there is not always a guarantee of colour, usually a range of pinks, oranges and streaks of white. There are also white Himalayan salt lamps that are rarer and more expensive, if that’s the colour you would prefer, and these would pair best with a whiter light. The colour of the average salt lamp complements many different styles within the home, particularly a wooden rustic look or a room with warm accents. The colour and warmth of the Himalayan light will allow you to make any corner of your home much cosier.


Where should a salt lamp be in a room?

Simply, a salt lamp should be wherever you are, or wherever you spend the most time. The Himalayan light is subtle compared to other lamps, so you should be within the few feet of light provided. If you are looking to incorporate any of the alleged health benefits of a salt lamp into your home, that is more of a reason to place it where you and your family will be most often.

Aside from this, you have many options that can each serve their own purpose in your home. Placing a salt lamp on an empty table, for example, can prevent the appearance of sparseness, and also make even the smallest of spaces seem much cosier, bathing it in a warm Himalayan glow. In this way, you can make even unused areas seem like cosy little nooks. Similarly, you could place a Himalayan salt lamp near an armchair to make it excessively inviting. If you are fond of the natural look, and want something to compliment an area with lots of greenery, a pink salt lamp is a perfect addition, particularly if it is rough cut. For those who already have lots of light sources, don’t be wary of adding a salt lamp. In an area with lots of candles, you can compound that light with your Himalayan light, and also, as a bonus, keep your salt lamp moisture free. In a room with lots of natural light, you can place your salt lamp by the window, allowing the sun to shine through it in the day, and still allowing it to light up your evenings. Essentially, Himalayan lamps should be kept close by, but there are still interior design decisions to be made within that parameter.

natural salt lamps


Which room is best for a Himalayan salt lamp?

Whilst a pink salt lamp will look great anywhere in your home, it will certainly be more suited to certain areas. We’ll give you an in-depth insight into where in your home a salt lamp will look best.


The best place to keep your Himalayan salt lamp is in your bedroom, close to you, and probably where you spend the most time. It can be kept safely on your nightstand, and if you have two, you can have twice as many salt lamps! Himalayan salt is said to help with air purification, and is also said to aid sleep. As such, you may find the air you breathe is fresher and cleaner, and that you have a better night’s sleep when you have your salt lamp nearby. Whatever you are aiming for in your room, from sensual to cosy, your pink salt lamp can provide the perfect light. If your salt lamp has a dimmer, you can even alter the light to the perfect warmth, and use it as a night light, a Himalayan glow while you snooze. The calming light is even safe to keep on all night, as long as you have an authentic salt lamp. Essentially, a Himalayan salt lamp is perfect to keep in your bedroom, day and night.


Living Area

This is probably the largest communal area in your home, and where you and your family spend the most time together. It probably has a nice corner for your TV and a table close by which would be perfect for a Himalayan pink salt lamp. This will allow you to create an ambience perfect for group of people, a welcoming Himalayan glow. This would be also be perfect if you have guests to entertain, and the salt lamp itself can be a wonderful centrepiece. Some consider Himalayan salt lamps a natural means of counteracting the release of ions by electronic devices, so you can keep it close to your TV and any other electronic devices to allow the salt lamp to work some magic.


Work Area or Office

If you subscribe to the negative ion theory of Himalayan lamps, keeping it in your office or workspace, around your electronic devices, will be of great use to you. You can even get small USB Himalayan salt lamps, which can plug straight into your laptop, so you can take your pink salt lamp wherever you go. This is particularly useful as this is probably also an area where you spend lots of time, and Himalayan salt is said to improve mood and concentration, as well as allowing you to focus.


Child’s Room

The soft light of a Himalayan salt lamp is perfect for a child’s bedroom. It can replace the need for a night light, and can also be left on all night. It does not get hot, but it is heavy, so it is probably best to keep your child’s salt lamp on a stable and elevated surface. As Himalayan salt captures particles from water molecules hanging in the air, it can also help sooth allergies. If you are trying to wean your child from a night light, get a Himalayan lamp with a dimmer, and slowly acclimate your child to a lesser and lesser amount of light.


In a Reading Nook or Library

If you want to make your reading corner more comfortable, place a salt lamp nearby to make it extra cosy. It can imitate the light of a candle, but is safer to keep on, so the pink salt light can safely make your reading area more atmospheric. It is also the perfect amount of light to illuminate a reading surface but not disturb others.


Not in Kitchens, Bathrooms, or near a pet’s area.

Some websites suggest placing your salt lamp in a kitchen or bathroom; whilst the light it provides is wonderful, this may undermine its ability to function. As salt lamps attract water to their surface, placing it in an area with a lot of moisture in the air may overwhelm it. This may mean the bulb fuses, or the Himalayan salt leaves mineral deposits around the base. It would likely shorten your salt lamp’s lifespan. You should also be careful not to leave your salt lamp near your pet, as pets love nothing more than to lick them, occasionally leading to an excess amount of salt in their bodies. Whilst this is an instinct all salt lamp owners understand, it’s probably best to keep it away from your pet, for their own safety.


It’s true, a salt lamp will look great in any corner of your home, but we hope we’ve enlightened you on where it will have the most impact, so you too can have that wonderful Himalayan light.